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    Corruption in the Courts

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    This 10 page paper looks at abuse of power and evidence tampering. Several famous cases are used for illustrative purposes such as the trials involving Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, O.J. Simpson and Mumia Abu-Jamal. The Bill Clinton hearing is also referenced. Details of these cases, in terms of evidence and abuse of power, are duly noted. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    done; Put in a prison cell, but one time he coulda been, The champion of the world " (Dylan cited in Johnson S12). Now, in the year 2000, a film  starring Denzel Washington depicts the story on which the song is based. Yes, the story and conclusion seems to be all true. Perhaps the tale is significant because it is  so public, involving a prize fighter, a recent film, and the subject of a popular song. O.J. Simpsons trial too, the murder trial involving the ex-football hero, prompted a movie  and numerous books. While all of this attention is paid primarily due to the notoriety of the defendants, they each bring about several important points. The people are generally shielded  from the incompetencies of the court, so such famous trials bring those problems to light. Every day, people are wrongly accused of crimes as a result of evidence tampering and  misuse of power. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is just one example. Another is Mumia Abul Jamal, who some deem a political prisoner. In examining these, and other cases, questions crop up.  How widespread is this problem? What part does substantive and procedural law play in crooked courts? Evidence that the problem affects more than just a small handful of  ex-sports stars has come about in recent years. Since the advent of new technology which allows DNA matching, many death row inmates have been ultimately let go due to these  tests. In how many of these, one has to ask whether or not the defendants were framed. In such cases, there has sometimes been tampering or misuse of power.  However, in other cases, the verdicts were just in error even though the evidence was valid. In O.J. Simpsons case, ironically the DNA evidence should have convicted him, but there 

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