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    A 9 page paper answering 3 questions addressing arriving at costs for government contract proposal. Includes an exercise in DoD Weighted Guidelines. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    example only! The student must cite as a source in the writing of their own paper, and may not plagiarize any of the material offered in  this work. 1. Nationwide Telephone Case. (30 points) What type of analysis tools can be used by the purchasing group in order to determine the right price?  How does the competitive condition of the plastic component industry impact the use of price analysis? Nationwide Telephone "has based its business  strategy on automation, fast deliveries, and reliable service." These are all admirable pursuits, but the case makes no mention of whether the company also makes them cost effective.  The case states that sales have declined, but that production costs have increased. The only part of the process known to have increased in cost is the plastics component,  which certainly would cause production costs to rise. Nationwide needs to determine if there is any other contributor to increased costs, however. Management does not appear to be  particularly strong, and the manufacturing plant may be relying too heavily on higher-end equipment than it needs or incurring high labor costs in the form of employing too many workers  or asking current workers for too much overtime. In the matter of rising costs for its plastics component, there are several points that  Nationwide needs to address. The first error that needs to be rectified is Nationwides reliance on a sole-source provider of the plastic components on which the final product depends.  The student should be aware that this paper is offered as a research example only! The student must cite as a source in the writing 

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