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    Court System of Germany

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    In five pages the German court system is the focus of this overview. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    labor, and social matters. The highest court is the Federal Constitutional Court, which ensures a uniform interpretation of constitutional provisions and protects the fundamental rights of the individual citizen as  defined in the Basic Law" (Anonymous Germany: Constitution, Government & Legislation , 2002; ger.htm). As with any court system, one can note that there are a lot of various divisions  and various fields which apply to the complexities of the law in Germany. In the following paper we present an overview of the court system. German Court System "The  judiciarys independence and extensive responsibilities reflect the importance of the rule of law in the German system of government. A core concept is that of the Rechtsstaat, a government based  on law, in which citizens are guaranteed equality and in which government decisions can be amended," a condition that clearly sets the foundation for the court system of Germany (Library  of Congress, 1995; /~frd_5poL::). We note that while "Federal law delineates the structure of the judiciary....the administration of most courts is regulated by Land law. The L?nder are responsible for  the lower levels of the court system; the highest appellate courts alone operate at the federal level" (Library of Congress, 1995; /~frd_5poL::). And, with this federal-Land perspective we note that  the division of labor "allows the federation to ensure that laws are enforced equally throughout the country, whereas the central role of the L?nder in administering the courts safeguards the  independence of the judicial system from the federal government" (Library of Congress, 1995; /~frd_5poL::). It is also interesting to note that the German courts utilize many principles of Roman  law. According to the Library of Congress (1995) these ancient laws "form the basis of the German judicial system and define a system of justice that differs fundamentally from the 

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