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    This paper examines how the power of the Western Roman emperors eroded during fifth century A.D., eventually playing a part in the final fall of the Empire. Also examined is some history pertaining to the actual fall of the Empire. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    across much of what we know as Europe today and into parts of South Africa and Egypt, much of the landmass was Rome. While the Roman Empire during its height  was famed, just as famous was its colossal fall through wars, indifference and sloth. While there were many reasons for the demise of the Roman Empire - reasons that are  still being debated today - one of the causes of the imperial collapse could rest in the fact that the 5th century emperors of Rome simply didnt have the power  they had wielded during the earlier part of the millennium. Although the fall cant be placed at the feet of these rulers during Romes last years, the erosion of their  power certainly added to the general air of uncertainty and despair that was prevalent throughout the land before the ultimate demise. This  paper will investigate a few things; namely some theories as to how the Roman Empire collapsed, and how and why the imperial leaders, particularly in the west, lost their power  to rule the general population - and even how loss of that power led to the eventual demise of such a large empire. The Empire Fall  When discussing the fall of the Roman empire, what is actually being discussed is the fall of the "western" empire (including Italy) - as the eastern  empire (mostly the Orient) managed to survive well beyond the fall of the west (Schmitt). As with everything about the Roman Empire, no one is certain why the East outlived  the West - but as well see, there are some conclusions to be made about this. Although the Roman Empire officially collapsed 

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