• Decision 2004: Campaign Issues

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    This 5 page paper addresses the issues of education and health care as discussed by Kerry and Bush. Various things are included such as prayer in the schools, No Child Left Behind and the Kerry health care proposal. The paper presents a relatively objective point of view. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    Decision 2004: Campaign Issues - October, 2004 paper properly!  Education and health care are two important issues for the people of the United States of America. These however are long term issues because over the past several  decades health care costs have risen and the public education system is not doing well. On the health care front, insurance is becoming less and less affordable and medical costs  are rising. The middle class becomes caught in the gap. They are not on a government assistance program that affords them free health care, but paying for dental, medical and  so forth has become an uncomfortable burden. In terms of education, many have described the public education system as being less than stellar. Public education in fact has become  mediocre and children are not being adequately prepared for higher education. In fact, many high school students find that their coursework is not sufficient to prepare them for the rigorous  courses provided in college and so they usually need tutoring or fail in their first year. Each of the 2004 presidential candidates have discussed these issues. George Bush continues  to reiterate the benefits of the No Child Left Behind law that his administration passed. This has been a controversial one indeed as many teachers and school systems do not  like the rigorous requirements that the Act has implemented. The chief complaint is that while the Federal government imposes higher standards, it has not sufficiently supplemented the needy systems with  cash. In essence, schools continue to fail not because they do not want to do better but because they do not have the wherewithal to implement the change. Critics of 

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