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    Delta Flight 191 Crash and Rescue Operations

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    In ten pages this paper examines the 1985 plane crash of Delta flight 191 in an evaluation of how effective the rescue efforts that occurred afterwards were. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Delta Flight 191 on August 2, 1985 ushered in some new protocol for dealing with the thunderstorm-related conditions associated with windshear (Caracena, Ortiz and Augustine, 1986). The forces of  the windshear phenomenon bandied about the Lockheed L-1011 in any way they pleased. The plane fell far short of any runway at Dallas Fort Worth International, instead touching down  briefly on a nearby highway at rush hour before leaving the ground only to meet it again in an adjacent field holding two municipal elevated water-holding tanks.  Flight 191 was traveling at about 150 mph when it slammed into the tanks, immediately killing all those in the fore part of the plane.  The tail section broke away from the larger front section of the aircraft and traveled some on its own before coming to a halt in the field.  All 27 survivors of the crash were those who had been in that tail section. The purpose here is to discuss and evaluate the emergency  response effort following the crash. The Situation Connelly, McClure and Reinke (2001) write that immediately  following the crash when all the pieces of Flight 191 finally came to rest, all was quiet momentarily. At first it was  very quiet. Eerie. Nothing moved ... Charred and mangled metal and plastic were everywhere. Dozens of passenger seats were scattered on the ground. Clothing was strewn about. Suitcases lay burst  open ... And there were people. Dead people. Parts of people. Charred forms. Some of the dead still sat in their seats, safety belts across their laps (Connelly, McClure and 

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