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    Demise of the Prehistoric Harappan Culture

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    In six pages the Aryan invasion theory is considered in an overview of why this prehistoric civilization ended. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    PG). This fact alone has demonstrated by the fact that it contains the remains of the earliest known civilization on the subcontinent1 (PG). The large urban sites of Mohenjo-Daro  in Sind and Harappa in the Punjab had first been discovered by archaeologists during the 1920s and both are in Pakistan (PG). Subsequent digs had uncovered even more sites  in India to the south and east of Mohenjo-Daro as well as to the east of Harappa (Mansingh PG). Grave sites in Baluchistan as well as the northwest of  Pakistan are similar to sites in northern Iran as well as Central Asia (PG). Recent scholarship has noted that there seems to be a much greater area and longer  time frame for the Harappan culture than previously thought (PG). This, as well as other finds, have created more questions than answers. The fact that they might have existed longer  than previously thought might give credence to the invasion theory for example. Still, there are several theories about the decline of Harappan civilization. Each has their own specific precepts and  suggestions about what did happen to the culture. Parpola studied countless scripts which emanated from the Indus or Harappan civilizations. However, much of his work has been criticized in light  of more recent discoveries. The Aryan invasion theory is one of the most popular theories that attempts to explain what happened to the Harappans. But many dispute the  concept. In any event, in order to determine the plausibility of any theory, one has to understand what the civilization was like at the time, how long it lasted and  the physical conditions that existed too. If in fact it was a strong civilization--and it was-- how could it just vanish? The cities of the 

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