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    This 23 page looks at the methodology and design of a research project. Different stages in developing a survey project are shown, such as setting goals, identifying target population and sampling. The paper then discusses different ways of gathering data using surveys including the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The example of an electrical company selling undifferentiated products is used to illustrate the points raised. The paper ends with two sample questionnaires. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    greater challenges when compared to markets where products can be developed with differentiated characteristics (Clemons et al, 2002). The commodities market has traditionally been a price driven market, meaning that  this can become very competitive. As Porter argued, to develop a competitive advantage the most appropriate strategy for most company is to develop a form of differentiation (Porter, 1980), if  this is not on the product or service itself it needs to be in the associated services that add value or the perception of the product or services offered (von  der Fehr and Stevi, 1998). A number of commodities companies have tried making use of creating the perception of differentiation with success (McCune, 1998). For a company, such as  Hager, operating in a market where products are undifferentiated, increasing competition means that new ways of creating and maintaining sales need to be identified. This takes research. Whilst secondary research  is able to identify models that can be used as a basis for a study, there is also the need for primary research if there is no research that is  directly applicable. Where a company wants to make a study that is directly applicable to existing and potential customers, too identify how models already studied, or other ideas that have  been developed, can be applied to their own unique situation, primary research has the greatest potential value. In this case the research is for a company selling electrical supplies such  as fuse boxes and household switches When any research is undertaken it is imperative that the methodology chosen is able to produce accurate  reliable and replicable and credible results. As we want to collect primary data from the existing and potential customers the best basic methodology is to use a survey. This is 

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