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    Diageo plc (SWOT Analysis)

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    This 5 page paper provides a SWOT analysis and makes recommendations about this company. Much of the information comes from a case study submitted by a student. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    other food industries. In an effort to thrive, the firm has decided to get rid of its association with food and instead focus on beverages. Not only is Diageo interested  in promoting its wine business, but it has aligned itself with hard liquor as well. This is a young company in a competitive but very lucrative industry. Dependent upon  market conditions, this company could thrive. However, there have been some problems in that it had been slow to let go of the food portion of the business, which is  a part that has brought it down. At least, that is how many analysts see it. In order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of this case study, a SWOT  analysis is presented. SWOT Analysis Strengths * The companys stock prices were raised in response to a venture in  2002 (Gilinsky & Castaldi, 2002). This signifies that at least in recent times, this company has done well. * There had been a focus on the drinks industry, something favorably  perceived by analysts (Gilinsky & Castaldi, 2002). This is positive for this firm as its focus is on this portion of its multi-industry business. * As of 2001, there were  significant signs that the firm was serious about the drinks industry and would complete the Seagrams deal as well as to focus on Malibu rum (Gilinsky & Castaldi, 2002). *  A distribution network is already set up (Gilinsky & Castaldi, 2002). This means that the infrastructure is already there to meet the demands of this firms expansion. * While the  firm is new, it has had a relatively favorable reception. Its reputation is good. Weaknesses * In 2002, securities analysts had downgraded the firm. (Gilinsky & Castaldi, 2002). 

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