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    Dissertation Proposal; Critical Evaluation of UK Welfare Benefits and/or Support System for Asylum Seekers and its’ Implications for Women Asylum Seekers and Refugees with Particular Focus on Somali Asylum Seekers and Refugees

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    This 22 page paper is the proposal for a dissertation to examine the impact of the UK welfare state on asylum seekers and how this impacts particularly on Somali woman and children who may be mire vulnerable and need more support than other asylum seekers groups. The paper outlines research questions, presents an outline literature review that includes consideration of the role of the welfare state and the way in which asylum seekers and refuges are treated and a methodology for primary research with the use of interviews. The bibliography cites 45 sources.

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    of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 2 1.2 Research Question 4 1.3 Justification of the Results 5 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 7 3. METHODOLOGY 22 4. TIMETABLE 24 REFERENCES 24 1. Introduction It  is argued that the judgment of any civilised society can be assessed on the way that society cares for the more vulnerable members of the community. It was due to  concerns for these vulnerable groups that the welfare state was first introduced. However, since that time the expectations along with the cost of maintaining the welfare state have increased. However,  the arguments are not new, there has and still is made, the differentiation between those who deserve help and those who do not. However, in the environment where there  is pressure to cut the costs of the state there has been one group of people that have made an easy target and have been presented as a scapegoat as  far as the media are concerned; these are the asylum seekers. In reality asylum seekers make up only a small percentage of the welfare claimants. They may have fled terrible  conditions and fear for their lives if they are returned, they are unable to gain work permits unless their asylum is granted and then will face a large number of  barriers such as language and culture barriers. The barriers can create difficulty in finding work that is able to support a family. The barriers have also become greater rather  than less as unemployment levels have increased and the media has also focused on the terrorism aspects. The 7th of July bombings were undertaken by Muslims, several of whom were  asylum seekers at some point. The stereotyping and lack of employment history makes it more difficult to gain a job. This leaves the asylum seeker reliant on the state. Within 

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