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    Divorce And Its Impact On The Family

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    A 10 page research paper. What effect does divorce have on the children? This question has resulted in a long and heated debate and there are studies to support almost any position someone wants to take. This paper discusses the question and reports the research in America and elsewhere. The paper takes the form of a research proposal and includes an introduction with problem statement; literature review, including data; summary and conclusions. The incidence of divorce for the U.S. and a few other countries are included. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    are writers, theorists and scholars who argue that divorce does not affect the children over the long term and on the other side are those who argue that divorce has  a negative effect on the children for all their lives. It is indeed impossible to make a clear and definitive conclusion based on the research studies that have been conducted  over the years. Each investigator argues strongly for their own conclusions, providing statistical evidence to support those conclusions. Does divorce have a negative impact on children, regardless of age  when the divorce occurs? Does divorce have more impact on specific age ranges of children? If divorce has a negative impact on children, then, how long does that impact last?  Do adult children of divorced parents find it easier to blame all their failures and pitfalls on their parents divorce instead of taking responsibility for their own actions through  the years? These are the only some of the questions that underlie the problem: What impact does divorce have on the children. Very few definitions are needed regarding  this investigation: * Children means the children of the parents who get divorced, regardless of age. Thus, "children" refers to adolescents as well as younger children. When a specific age  range is meant, that will be clarified in the text. * Divorce means that the couple has gone through the legal process of divorce and are, thus, no longer legally  married. * Absent father refers to those fathers who do not keep in contact with their children subsequent to a divorce. Also, the absent father does not contribute to the  childrens support. * Custodial parent refers to the parent who has legal primary custody of the children. Literature Review The literature regarding the impact of divorce on 

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