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    Do Western Ukrainians Have A Different Sense Of National Identity In Comparison To Eastern Ukrainians? A Research Proposal

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    This 13 page paper is a research proposal to study the perception of national identity in Western Ukraine in the context of the current difficulties in the country. The paper has the aim of determining if the majority of the present days Western Ukrainians do not see themselves as one nation with Eastern Ukrainians due to differences in the perception of 'national' identities that have been formed. The paper presents an introduction, hypothesis, literature review looking at the history of the county and its impact on national identity as well as concepts concerning the way national identity is formed. The paper also presents a methodology including primary research. The bibliography cites 60 sources.

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    3. Methodology 14 4. Output 15 References 16 1. Introduction The Ukraine, with Chernobyl in the north and Yalta in the south (CIA,  2008) by the Dnipro River, this is an interesting divide as in a limited context it appears to represent the split which has also been observed by many commentators which  appears to prevent a single national identity being formed due to the perceived differences which have been seen within the hisotyr of the Ukraine and were a driving force behind  the Orange Revolution in 2004 (Krushelnycky , 2006; Kim, 2005) and is also reflected in the way that trade and political or international relations are undertaken regarding the countries to  their East and West and the differing views which are held by the citizens (Riabokon, 2006). The Ukraine has a diverse history with a large number of different influences;  the influences in the west and the east have partly reflected the diversity of the surrounding and nearby countries and the different political leanings (Reid, 2003; Moytl, 1992). It  may be argued that catalyst in the break-up between West and East Ukraine is the differing West Ukrainian identity. If this is a correct assumption then there will be distinct  differences in the evolution and manifestation oft the way national identity is seen in the East and the West of the county. 1.1 Hypothesis There appears to be a  different national identity adopted by the Ukrainians in the West when compared to the Ukrainians in the East which is causing the split, in order to test this there will  be the formation of a hypothesis and a null hypothesis. H1 The majority of the present day Western Ukrainians do not see themselves as one nation with Eastern Ukrainians with 

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