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    Do women suffer more from discrimination than do blacks in America?

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    An 8 page procedural analysis of this question. The author demonstrates that this question is too broad in scope and must be made more specific for conclusions to actually be reached. A thesis is proposed, a literature search conducted, and methodology identified to address the more specific question of whether pay discrepancies that exist for professors in the university system can be attributed to factors like race and gender or to more subtle factors such as time-in-job. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    The question of whether women suffer more from discrimination in America than do blacks is broad to say the least. There are many types of discrimination and it occurs  throughout all aspects of our daily existence. The fact that discrimination in any form has many potentially catastrophic social impacts and thus is a valid problem to study is  self evident. To more effectively explore the question of discrimination as it applies to gender and race, however, we must narrow it down to be considerably more specific.  It is obvious that some occupations are more likely to be prejudicial than are others. For lack of a better starting place the university workplace will become our target  of investigation. Although the research question is qualitative in nature, it would be helpful to have a means of quantitatively evaluating it. The university work arena provides us  a means of doing both. By investigating discrimination solely within the university occupational arena we have significantly narrowed down the playing field while at the same time providing a  means of quantitative evaluation. That means is salary. Using salary as a quantitative point from which to investigate the impacts of discrimination, the following thesis will be investigated:  Numerous factors affect the level of discrimination that tenured women and blacks experience in regard  to pay inequalities in the university system. One of the more likely of these factors is time-in-job but there are, in reality, a diversity of factors that must be  analyzed. Literature Review The research question that we 

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