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    Drug Use and Early Adolescence: A Research Proposal

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    This 11 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal for assessing drug use in early adolescents. This paper integrates a review of literature and a methodology for the proposal. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    States over the past two decades. For early adolescents just beginning to develop a sense of identity and social significance, the influence of peer groups can make the difference  between the choice to abuse substances and the choice to "just say no." Justification of the Study Adolescence is considered one of the most crucial periods  of socialization because of the very pressure it places upon the youth (Perry, 1998). There is a tremendous burden for teens to perform within their respective peer groups, whether  that means to be cool, smart, pretty or popular. For those who do not fit these predetermined molds, being accepted by their peers can be a difficult maneuver, often  creating ill will, jealousy, confusion and feelings of inadequacy (Perry, 1998). These factors can lead individuals to seek acceptance through drug use or substance abuse.  Though drug use itself is problematic, there are also other behaviors linked to drug use in youth populations that underscore the breadth of the problem. The  correlation between problematic drug abuse and subsequent antisocial behaviors has been a consideration in recent studies, with a focus on determining the way in which drug use influences choices of  criminality (Davies, 1998). Recent studies, including those by Davies (1998) suggest that there are mitigating factors that determine adolescent onset of drug abuse, including exposure to parental drug abuse,  poverty, parental violence, and poor social conditions. Further, it has also been suggested that illegal substance abuse itself is a crime, and often individuals seek out other criminal acts  to pay for their substance abuse problem. Key Conceptual Questions In creating a study on this issue, there are a 

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