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    This 3-page paper is a research proposal regarding elementary school teachers and preparation for dealing with ADHD. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    young boy, who is literally bouncing off the walls, unable to stay still in his seat, and consistently being a disruption to his classroom and exasperating to his teacher.  Its true that ADHD brings with it inattention, impulsivity and an inability to stay on task. However, there are various facets to the disorder.  For example, hyperactivity may not be a problem. Furthermore, girls diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder may not demonstrate hyperactivity, but inattentiveness is a large problem. Unfortunately, elementary school teachers,  for the most part, are geared to deal with only one type of ADHD. The problem, however, is that ADHD encompasses a broad range of symptoms and representations. Elementary school  teachers lack of knowledge, along with misconceptions and stereotypes connected to ADHD are the result of a lack of preparation during their training.  There is little in the literature related to stereotypes teachers may harbor about ADHD. There is, however, plenty of literature pertaining to the disorder itself. The prevalence of ADHD  is huge, impacting approximately 1.6 million children in the U.S. school system (McKinley and Stormont, 2008). Furthermore, ADHD has been proven to lead to academic underachievement - students with ADHD  are more likely than those without to receive lower grades in the classroom and lower scores on standardized tests (McKinley and Stormont, 2008).  According to McKinley and Stormont, however, "many general education teachers report limited educational experience in the area of ADHD" (p. 16). Even those elementary school teachers who are familiar  with ADHD (and who have such students in their classrooms) fail to make modifications for these students (Nowacek and Mamlin, 2007). Greenspan (1999) 

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