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    This 10-page paper focuses on various strategic analyses on ExxonMobil. Included is a SWOT analysis, strategic direction and a Balanced Scorecard explanation. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    is now, its strategic posture and strategies, its objectives, and strategies it needs to get to the next level. In this paper, well examine the available literature to try to  define some of these categories and come to recommendations and suggestions for where ExxonMobil needs to go. Strategic Analysis Overview ExxonMobil is  one of the worlds largest energy companies, known for its gasoline and natural gas endeavors. The organization itself is hierarchal, with a top-down mentality, and a conservative corporate culture. However,  an increasing emphasis on global warming and concern over a growing shortage of fuel means that ExxonMobil may have to rethink some of its efforts. The good news is that  Rex Tillerson, the companys chair and CEO, is the perfect man for the job. Corporate Governance As in most corporations, ExxonMobil has  paid executives that follow the day-to-day and big picture running of the company, and a separate board of directors that ensures that the executive staff stays on the straight and  narrow. Rex W. Tillerson is the companys chairman and CEO; Mark W. Albers is senior vice president; Michael J. Dolan senior  vice president and J. Stephen Simon, senior vice president (ExxonMobil (2), 2008). Donald D. Humphreys is senior vice president and treasurer (ExxonMobil (2), 2008).  What is interesting about ExxonMobils structure is that, unlike other corporations with boards, none of the board members has ownership or interests in the company. This makes it  (in theory) a board that has a disinterested interest, and better able to advice senior management on what direction it should take. SWOT Analysis 

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