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    Effects of Video Game Playing on Aggressive Behavior/a research proposal

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    A 6 page research paper that outlines a proposed research study on a hypothesized correlation between increased aggressive behavior in children and adolescents and playing video games. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    attention of society on the problem of adolescent aggressiveness and stimulated debate as to its causes. Among other things, the idea that playing violent video games contributes to this problem  has been proposed in the media. The link between television viewing and violent behavior in children has been researched and debated for quite some time (Scott, 1995).  This concern has also extended to movies and video viewing as possible sources for increased levels of aggressive behavior. However, research indicates that over the last 10 to 15 years,  the data suggests that there has been a "decrease in the quantity of violence on the four main TV channels, although information on shift in the type of violence is  lacking" (Scott, 1995, p. 121). Over the last decade, the attention and accusations once leveled at television have shifted and focused on the "meteoric rise in popularity" that arcade-type  home computer and console video games have enjoyed (Scott, 1995). There is considerable anecdotal evidence that the behavior of children and teenagers is affected by these games. Zimbardo has postulated  that video game playing is so addictive to young people that it may result in socially isolating them (Scott, 1995). Children and teens that do not interact with others fail  to learn the social skills necessary for positive interpersonal relationships. Despite the interest in the relationship between video game playing and aggressive behavior, thus far, there has not been  enough empirical research to conclusively draw a correlation between video game and aggressive behavior. Study results, using "various subject groups and various methodologies" have been mixed (Scott, 1995, p. 121).  For example, a 1984 questionnaire-based study reported a positive correlation between aggressive delinquency in adolescents, while conversely, a 1985 study reported that playing video games actually had a calming effect 

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