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    Ethnography Project/Working at McDonald's

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    A 6 page research paper that offers guidance to student in regards to conducting an ethnographic research project at a local McDonald's. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    the assignment. According to author Beth Shulman, "Thirty million Americans, one out of every four workers, makes less than $8.70 an hour"; however, this "low-wage, no-benefit" employment manages  to translate into "billions of dollars of profits, executive pay, high stock prices and low consumer prices" (Schulman 2). Countering these statements, the official corporate culture of McDonalds Corporation maintains  that that it is extraordinary fair to unskilled labor, offering benefits and the opportunity for advancement within its management structure. The ethnography project that this writer/tutor proposes has the working  class as its focus and specifically, the employees of a local McDonalds. This is an important focus for research because of the social inequities that have been described by  researchers, such as Shulman and Barbara Ehrenreich. This line of research offers significant implications in regards to public policy formation and the direction that society and capitalism should be taking.  This writer tutor proposes that the student researching this topic will arrange with the manager of a local McDonalds restaurant to interview a selection of employees, either preceding or  following their shift, regarding their impressions of McDonalds corporate culture. The specific purpose of the project is endeavor to discern how the reality of working for McDonalds compares to the  stated corporate culture. The official McDonalds corporate culture The official underlying ethos of McDonalds management is a vision statement that stresses "Quality, Service, Convenience and Value" (Salva-Ramirez 30). Ray  Kroc, the founder of McDonalds restaurants, envisioned creating repeat customers for his fast food chain by building a reputation that applied to the entire franchise, rather than on single stores  (Salva-Ramirez 30). To realize this goal, he realized that training for employees would have to specific and consistent and he created his "Hamburger University" for that purpose (Salva-Ramirez 30). At 

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