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    European Steps Toward Minimizing the Chances for War: Considerations for the U.S.

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    A 10 page overview of the steps being taken in Europe to minimize the chances for war on the continent. The author emphasizes the importance of the European Union but points out that while the formation of the EU is to be applauded, not only is the U.S the primary player in maintaining world security, that responsibility will undoubtedly extend well into the future. To insure our own national security we must be cautious of both the existing and the future power of all foreign entities. The EU is no exception. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    and always has been, in a state of constant political evolution. The numerous countries that occupy the continent seldom, if ever, achieve unanimous agreement on practically any topic and  alliances change at what seems the equivalent of a drop of a hat. Although in the face of the Iraq conflict and the ongoing threat of terrorism, Europe has  instigated numerous attempts to pull together to make the continent imperious to warfare. While such will likely never be the case, Europe has been successful to a degree in  lessening the chance of war on the continent. The formation of the European Union is one of the most successful of the measures which have been initiated. Still,  however, Europe remains dependent to a large degree on a country that is not even located in Europe. That country is the United States. The United States thus  remains charged not only with the responsibility of insuring her own national security but in insuring the stability of Europe and, indeed, the world as a whole. While the  EU is presently interpreted as a positive European move from a world wide perspective, the U.S. must remain constantly vigilant on all fronts if our own national security is to  be preserved. While the EU is presently regarded as a friend to the U.S., history testifies that friends can transform into enemies practically overnight.  The U.S.s role in securing European stability is played out in part by our military presence in various regions of Europe. Even more importantly, however, is our  influence on the United Nations. The United Nations came into creation immediately after the culmination of World War II and the period which signifies the beginning of the Cold 

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