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    Evolution Theory of Charles Darwin

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    In ten pages life's origin is considered with a comparison of Darwin's evolution theory and contemporary knowledge with natural history providing the foundation for Darwin's origin of life chemical basis. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    theories and provides a brief outline of the chemical basis for the origin of life. Bibliography lists 11 sources. PPevolut.wps Charles  Darwins Theory of Evolution by --24 Jan 2001 paper properly!  Mankind has questioned the creation of  the world and our own origin practically since the beginning of time. The first of our attempts to answer these questions were really no more than myth and imagination.  As we progressed, however, we began to take a more careful look around us and to realize that there was a certain interconnectivity among all life and indeed the world  itself. As geology began to capture our attention we began to revise our theories on creation and this interrelationship to account for the various events which were recorded there.  Among these records was the fossil record. There man saw what appeared to be a progression form the simplest of life forms to the more complex. Although  admittedly the fossil record was far from complete, nor was our understanding of it incontestable, we began to consider a process which we now refer to as the theory of  evolution. Central to this theory is the origin of life itself. We credit the theory of evolution to Charles Darwin, a  man who is often proclaimed the greatest singular figure in nineteenth century science (Mayr PG). Darwins writings on he evolutionary theory opened up the greatest intellectual revolution the world 

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