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    Examination of Cybervoting

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    In five pages cybervoting is considered in terms of its conventional ballot alternative, its benefits to individuals that might not vote otherwise, and its promise of encouraging greater political involvement. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to revolutionize the entire democratic process; according to proponents, cybervoting will give back to the people what has long been gone from the political process. Additionally, the implementation of  cybervoting will benefit individuals who might not otherwise make the effort to vote, inevitably increasing the ultimate turnout. That cybervoting stands to get more people involved with the political  process is reason enough to support its acceptance; however, there are even more fundamental reasons why cybervoting is an idea whose time has arrived. High on the list of advantages  to cybervoting is the fact that direct democracy will finally be supported. There is no question that the United States of America was built upon a foundation of democracy  and liberty for each and every citizen. It is by way of this infrastructure of democratic rule that the country has been able to enjoy and pursue the various  constitutional rights inherent with being an American. In a country where the people are voluntarily offered the freedoms of democracy and liberty, it can be said that "... democracy  is the privilege of the informed and the involved" (Muczyk PG). And if one is to be informed and involved in the democratic process, one would have to have  "some familiarity" (Searle PG) with the "fragile nature of individual freedom and democracy" (Chess 259). Indeed, the very concept of direct democracy places fear in the hearts of those who  would rather the nations people remain limited in the democratic process. This, however, is not likely to be the case, inasmuch as cybervoting "will be a quantum leap for  democracy" (Digitizing Democracy), one that cannot easily be subdued. The idea of democracy, as our forefathers originally intended, was that of the ultimate evolution of human life. The 

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