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    Examination of Data Warehousing

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    In ten pages data warehousing is defined and discussed in terms of its uses, business importance, along with other relevant topics also considered. Ten sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    may anything from an individual account history marketing information and data as well as other important company records. The advent of computerisation has reduced the amount of space taken to  store the information, and new technology has allowed this information to be used in a proactive manner. This information is valuable and needs  to be protected. However, all of the information that is stored may be seen as taking up an increasing amount of space. This has lead to the consideration of a  need for data warehousing. The solution that is becoming increasingly used is the role of the external data warehouse. There are many advantages  to this such as cost and efficient use of the companies existing resources, however, where there are external, or internal, companies or departments used, as well as the advantages there  are also problems, one of the main one being the security breach that may occur due to this weakness (Sullivan, 2001). The problem with this is obvious, but dependant on  the information held., where information is held by a third party then there is no direct control over the physical facilities and access facilities. This may be allowed for in  contracts and considered during the selection processes, but the weaknesses is present, and as such there is a potential problem. Therefore, when we consider data warehousing there are several issues  that can be considered. II. The importance of Data Warehousing. By the late 1970s a whole industry sprang up to fill the gap in the market left by the  problem that of data storage. Organisations had found that, although a true disaster recovery plan was often expensive, some form of back up was needed to ensure the records were 

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