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    Expanding Polo Ralph Lauren into Saudi Arabia

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    This 9 page paper examines the potential of Polo Ralph Lauren to expand into the Saudi Arabian apparel market. The paper started with a Porters Five Forces analysis and a SWOT analysis of the company and then looks at the macro environment in Saudi Arabia to assess this as a potential market for the company. The paper then suggests a market entry strategy for the company. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    the company in question finding a country where there is a good fit between the company and its competences as well as the potential market. In this paper we will  consider the company or Polo Ralph Lauren and a potential expansion into Saudi Arabia. To do this we will examine Polo Ralph Lauren as a company and then consider Saudi  Arabia before considering how these two can be brought together to form an entry strategy. If we consider a Porters Five Forces Analysis we can also look at a SWOT  analysis to supplement this and then consider the target market. Polo Ralph Lauren is a well known brand, established since 1967 and  opened the first shop in 1969. When the company started it was with the making ties and then expanded outwards into other goods such as polo shirts, socks and sports  wear and now offers a full range of clothes. The first of Porters five forces are the threat of the existing competition.  This is an area which is vitally important to Polo Ralph Lauren. There are a large number of competitors. In terms of brand names as well as suppliers who sell  directly to the public. The company have been suffering in this area, so although the brand name is differentiated and exclusive, there has been some erosion of sales in the  main market, the US, due to competition (Clark, 2005). This is an area of weakness, but one that can be improved with careful marketing, but does indicate the push from  the existing market to find a new area for sales. Competition is also very fierce in this market, this is seen with 

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