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    FDA Establishment in Jordan

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    In twenty pages this paper examines how Jordan would go about the establishment of a Food and Drug Administration in a consideration of economic and sociopolitical barriers as well as organizational structure. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    that are ingrained in the Jordanian social, political and economic process. The questionable activity that has existed with regard to pirated pharmaceuticals and other health-related aspects has long overshadowed  the ability to immediately construct any sort of FDA without shattering long-standing - albeit unethical - practices. II. JORDANS HEALTH HISTORY It was not until relatively recently - and  without significant hardship - that Jordanians were equipped to address myriad health concerns that plagued their people. The detrimental health consequences that occurred in both 1948 and 1967 due  to political unrest became the conduit between Jordans sickly past and its potentially healthier future. The "comprehensive health prosperity" (Historical Profile of MOH) that took place from this point  forward, particularly evident after Jordan gained its independence, helped to establish Jordanians with a great achievement to its evolving medical industry, which include the following phases: * The  first ministry of health had been established on December 14th, 1950. * MOH started its responsibilities in 1951, which considered the beginning of health prosperity in Jordan. * Establishment  of six departments in the kingdom districts, related to the central management of MOH, in which the head of each department was a physician. * The first nursing college was  opened in 1953. * The physician union/association had been established in 1954. * The central laboratory for medical tests had been established in 1955. * Nursing college of  Princess Mona had been established in 1962. * The first health insurance system in the kingdom had been implemented among force army members in 1963. * The first civil health  insurance system was implemented in the kingdom in 1965. * A medicine faculty was established in Jordan University in 1970. * Public health law number 43 for 1966 was replaced 

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