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    Fathers' Importance

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    In five pages this paper discusses homelessness problems and the issues of absentee fathers and divorce. Three sources are cited in the bibliography with the inclusion of an outline.

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    II. Essays Related to the Subject 1. Arm Wrestling With My Father (Manning) a. Manhood theme. b. Fatherhood theme. 2. Troubled Families Beget Homeless Families (Burger) a. Most  homeless families are headed by women. b. More than half of homeless families have children who were not raised in intact homes. 3. Homeless (Quindlen): The importance of  the home is emphasized. III. Conclusion 1. Broken homes are problematic. 2. The absent father is all too common. 3. Fathers are the glue that hold families together.  Fathers are the glue that keep families together. What is so important about a father? It is hard to say. Everyone looks at George Washington  as the father of the United States. If it were not for him, perhaps no country would exist today. Without fathers in homes, people would be subject to monetary loss,  loss of place in society and so forth. Many could rightfully point to the matriarchs in society who supposedly hold families together but clearly, such families tend to fall apart.  Mothers like to remarry to have a father around for the children as well as to fulfill her own need for security and companionship. Although it is true that roles  for men and women have changed to some extent, that does not mean that fathers are not still sorely needed to be a strong male influence in the home. The  result are fractured families, more homelessness, and greater psychological disturbances. This point is clearly made in the essay "Arm Wrestling with My Father" where the author succinctly alludes to  the importance of manhood and fatherhood. It is clearly a piece that sets up the importance of testosterone but never negates the relevance of womanhood. Some might say that in 

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