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    Federal Express: SWOT Analysis

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    3 pages in length. The writer provides a brief company background, as well as a SWOT analysis. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    FedEx has staved off myriad competitors as a means by which to hold one of the top industry positions against such rivals as United Parcel Service (UPS). FedExs strengths include  maintaining the number one position throughout the highly competitive delivery service industry because of the companys organizational culture. The company recognizes how organizational culture - beginning with the vision  and mission statement - effectively addresses the importance of building the management basis of a corporate foundation. If such documents are not in place long before competitive strategies are  implemented, there will exist no formal or cognitive structure from which procedure can follow, which will quickly place the company in the same jeopardy it has already taken steps to  avoid. The companys dedication to team learning represents an important aspect of its industry strength, inasmuch as understanding the vast and various aspects  of contemporary commerce requires a comprehensive awareness of what it takes to succeed in todays business world. No longer is it acceptable to place one person at the helm  who dictates how a particular company will operate; instead, the corporate approach has come to embrace a more enlightened perspective with regard to addressing the ever-changing needs of commercial interchange,  with team learning representing one of the most widespread formulas used in the FedEx working environment. Team learning, which "focuses on providing solutions to business problems by developing an open  approach to questioning" (McCann, 2002), removes the one-sidedness so prevalent with conventional business thinking and instills a sense of empowerment throughout the entire workforce. It can readily be argued  how the package delivery industry is not the same as it was just ten years ago, and it will not be the same ten years from now. In the 

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