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    Flexible Office Hours Proposal - Diablo Drilling Corporation

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    Flexible Office Hours Proposal - Diablo Drilling Corporation: A 10 page paper that presents a proposal suggesting the implementation of a flexible work schedule for the employees of the main business office of a small drilling contracting company. Also discussed are the various ways that this option could benefit both employer and employee. The purpose of the plan, which is to reduce the amount of productive work time lost by initiating the option of more flexible work hours, is thoroughly explained as it applies to a small office with a total of four participating employees. Also included are technical and management plans, organization qualifications, cost analysis and recommendations. Bibliography lists 5 sources. LCDiablo.doc

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    the position you fill as Chief Executive Officer/President, there are two other executive positions as well as four non-executive positions. For the purpose of this proposal, the office of  the Drilling Superintendent has been omitted due to the fact that his duties call for him to remain in the field the majority of the time and he rarely takes  part in the day to day activities of the office. Outside of the two remaining executive positions of Vice President and Safety/Personnel Director, the main office personnel of Diablo  Drilling Corporation consists of four positions, one each in the departments of Drilling Operations Processing, Payroll/Insurance Processing, Accounts Payable/Receivable Processing, and Reception. It is these four positions I would  like to address in this proposal. Each of these four departments consists of a single employee whose responsibility it is to oversee and maintain the day to day operations of  that department. The employees currently occupying these positions, who are Debbie in Drilling, Kim in Payroll, Sheri in Accounts and Susan in Reception, have each been employed by the  company for a period of at least three years. This low overturn and high stability has enabled a healthy working atmosphere to develop, one that is based on mutual  trust and respect. It is common practice in an environment such as this for all employees to pitch in and take up the slack when one or more members  of this working team find it necessary to be absent during normal working hours. Due to the congenial working atmosphere that has come to surround the main office of  Diablo Drilling, this interactive process has so far been accomplished with little or no resentment or animosity. Research has projected, however, that female employees who shoulder the responsibilities of 

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