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    France's European Goals And Policies Over The Past Two Decades

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    5 pages in length. France has been at odds with a number of European proposals with which other countries have readily agreed. That French goals and policies sometimes conflict with the European Union's quest for political harmony speaks to the need for a more cohesive union between and among Europe's individual nations. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    Unions quest for political harmony speaks to the need for a more cohesive union between and among Europes individual nations. One particular agenda that France has upheld over the recent  past is its refusal to go along with the EUs new currency, the Euro. Like Britain, it long hesitated over whether or not introducing the Euro would be beneficial  or detrimental to Europes overall economic stability. Harkening back to the early part of the century when Europe witnessed a financial downfall like none before or since known as  The Slump, the French have had trouble letting go of how postwar recovery was not an easy adjustment to make; while the "intercontinental structure of debt" (Rosenberg, 1995, p. 139)  continued to grow even after war had ended, it only served to add to what was ultimately deemed the "next great shock" (p. 139) of the century.  The years between 1929 and 1931 were about as bleak as they could be. The Slump proved to literally bring "world economy to its knees"  (Rosenberg, 1995, p. 139), responsible for a staggering sixty percent failing of all international trade, as well as the unmanageable increase in unemployment throughout Europe. Additionally, it acted as  a conduit between Europe and the eventual breakdown of constitutional liberalism "in the face of right-wing authoritarianism" (Rosenberg, 1995, p. 139), which came to be such a negative entity during  the time of interwar. As the Bretton Woods system was set into motion, it attempted to take advantage of such dire economic straits until its ultimate demise. To concede  to the Euro would place France - along with other nations like Britain - in a politically and economically vulnerable situation, inasmuch as the Euros success might mean the end 

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