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    French Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach and Dance Patterns

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    In eight pages the movement contained within the dance patterns of Bach's French suites are considered as they reflect the Baroque times in which they were composed. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    essence, spirit" (Anonymous #2, 2000). Dance is the expression of ones very soul. It encompasses a great many emotions, feelings, and desires that can range from one spectrum  to the other. Often represented in such bodily movement are rage, love, happiness, sorrow and despair. Indeed, dance is an avenue for the performer to release the inner  struggles that can be set free through no other means than motion. It can be a catharsis to ones ailing heart as much as it can be a conduit  between two otherwise strangers. Dance is as diverse a means of communication as any medium, yet there are a vast array of elements that make up this very unique  and specialized form of expression. "Sometimes this intensity is so tangible that some isolated performer suddenly finds himself or herself an explicate center existing within a strict pattern, thus  providing as if a brighter illumination for separate threads of the overall flow and creating an illusion of the pattern change. This kind of change, impossible to build in, reflects  the breath of emptiness in the form open to our senses" (Bavdilovich et al, 2000). The dance patterns in the French suites  of Johann Sebastian Bach clearly represent the elements of inert expression while, at the same time, project a distinct sense of physical independence. Bachs French suites dance patterns have  long been a much appreciated art form, in that they allow a person to express a collage of innermost feelings. These particular patterns have thrived throughout the centuries, entertaining  the likes of presidents and rulers, peasants and the general populace. Therefore, it is curious to think that people should wonder why the dance patterns in Bachs French suites 

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