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    This 9-page paper presents information about Garfunkels restaurants in the United Kingdom and an overview of the UK restaurant sector in general. Topics under discussion include financials (for Garfunkels and its parent group, The Restaurant Group plc), as well as SWOT, PEST and Porter's Five Forces analysis. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    changed its name from City Centre Restaurants during January, 2004). In this paper, well examine some financial information from Garfunkels and The Restaurant Group in particular. Well also discuss various  analysis in terms of this restaurant including Porters Five Forces, SWOT and PEST. While care has been taken to focus on mostly  UK sources for this paper, there are one or two non-UK sources included, mainly because they have the necessary information required to complete this project.  Garfunkels is The Restaurant Groups oldest institution, having been established in 1979 (or 1980, depending on what source is accessed). The restaurant bills itself as a "general"  type of institution, serving food at all hours of the day or night - "breakfast, coffee and cakes, a pot of tea, a full lunch, snack, afternoon tea or a  first-class dinner with wine" (Garfunkels, 2004). In addition to "on the street" locations, Garfunkels has also carved out a strong niche among  UK airports including Heathrow, Glasgow and Stansted (Garfunkels, 2004). It is these airport locations that, according to some reports, are doing the best job of producing revenue overall for the  company. But as well see in the financial section, Garfunkels, despite changes to d?cor and expansion plans, is not necessarily the number one institution among The Restaurant Groups collection of  food-serving institutions. In fact, the highest-grossing product of this group is Frankie and Bennys (Cushing, 2004). Garfunkels, though a steady brand, tends to be perceived as somewhat old and outdated.  Some Financials Because finding specific financial information about Garfunkels has been difficult, well focus on The Restaurant Groups financials as a whole, 

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