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    Gabriel Coco Chanel

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    Chanel House is the focus of attention. The paper also looks at the life of Chanel who passed away in the early 1970s. This five page report includes four bibliographic entries.

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    their childhoods in a succession of orphanages (Rompalske, 1998; Greinke and Corbett, 1999). At 20, Chanel was working as a shop clerk in a French boutique, The House of  Grampayne, and the gifted and industrious seamstress also found work in Moulins sewing military uniforms (Greinke and Corbett, 1999; Rompalske, 1998). During this time, Chanel would meet a man  who would change her life forever, the English-born aristocrat Arthur "Boy" Capel, who always knew an attractive business investment when he saw one (Rompalske, 1998). With his financial backing,  Chanel opened her first "Gabrielle Chanel" clothing house, and soon, the clothing Chanel designed herself were being featured in the worlds fashion capital of Paris and introduced haute couture to  the wealthy resort communities of Deauville and Biarritz (Rompalske, 1998; Krebs, 1997). Chanel revolutionized fashion and her radical designs made her one of  the twentieth centurys most influential visionaries. Her outfits could be both practical and elegant at the same time and their affordability made them attractive to mainstream consumers (Rompalske, 1998).  Chanels garments were simply made out of ordinary fabrics like wool, and were specifically designed with the slim female in mind (which Chanel herself was) (Greinke and Corbett, 1999).  Chanel pioneered the style of practical and trendy and wearers of her fashions sent out a clear message, "Look, Im young and pretty" (Krebs, 1997; Greinke and Corbett, 1999).  Chanel herself wryly observed of her no-frills approach to haute couture, "Why am I so determined to put the shoulder where it belongs? Women have very round shoulders that  push forward slightly; this touches me and I say: one must not hide that, then someone tells you: the shoulder is on the back. Ive never seen women with shoulders 

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