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    Gatorade and Tylenol, Marketing Strategies

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    This paper discusses two well-known products, Gatorade and Tylenol. The author discusses the marketing strategies utilized by these companies to attract consumers. This ten page paper has five sources in the bibliography.

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    of this paper, as well as additional influence the marketing strategies have on the consumer groups towards which these two products are marketed. INFLUENCER MARKETING Because of  widespread media coverage in todays society it is found to be extremely cost-effective to effectively communicate messages to the public which emphasize brand name to key targets. Through editorial  comments, promotionals, competitions within the press and television sponsorship, there are numerous innovative ways of getting the message out to society (Bell, 1994).  The credibility of competing companies provides an edge for brand marketers who are trying to persuade consumers to come over to their side. The latest technique is talking with  rather than shouting at the consumer, in order to persuade them to come to the side of the corporation marketing the product. As consumers become increasingly savvy, it is  necessary for the media to structure their messages accordingly in order to not lose the consumers interest. There is a greater demand for identifying a certain personality to corporate brands  so those consumer groups can relate more closely with the products that they wish to buy. It has been shown by researchers that sixty percent of consumers believe a  company with a good reputation would not sell poor quality products (Bell 1994). In this light, we see more celebrity endorsements of products  than ever before. Generally the public believes if someone they admire endorses a product it must be good. There is not, apparently, any thought as to the fact  celebrities are paid extraordinary sums to put their names on a product in order to market it effectively. The prevalence of diversity within the consumer market is quickly losing shape 

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