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    Gender Roles and Society

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    Gender is discussed in the context of society. How gender roles play out and see women as nurturers and fathers as different as it respects child rearing is noted. Other issues are explored as well. This seventeen page paper has fourteen sources listed in the bibliography.

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    is clearly an inherent condition in the race of man that divides the sexes from a biological as well as social position. In the following paper we examine some of  the realities involving gender roles in our country today. The paper first examines women today and how, although they are now actively in the workplace, are also the ones who  seem responsible for the housekeeping and child rearing still. The paper then discusses the roles fathers play in raising boys. Lastly the paper examines the parenting styles of mothers and  fathers. Women Today It is very clear that women today are almost just as active in the workplace as men. While there are still women who remain at  home, never entering the workplace, the numbers are few in comparison. We have noticed, however, that more and more professional women are consciously leaving the workplace in order to remain  at home, feeling that they are more needed at home with the children. With women in the workplace, however, we have not seen a change in how men approach  the home. Women are still the primary cooks, the housecleaners, the laundresses, the caregivers. Men have, for the most part, not extended their roles in a marriage or family as  women have taken on more responsibility. There are many reasons for this lack of change on the part of the male species. For one thing we can readily understand  that most men today were never taught how to take care of a home and this leaves them in a position where they are incredibly uneducated. Sometimes they are finding  themselves in a marriage where they are expected to do some housework and they are not skilled. From another perspective we note that women are, perhaps more often than not, 

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