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    Genetically Modified Food Should Be Banned until it Can Be Tested More Rigorously

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    This 3 page paper is an argumentative essay supporting the argument that genetically modified food should be banned until it can be proven to be safe, with the proof achieved through the application of tests which are used for drug trials. The argument and supporting evidence are all presented. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    example, increasing awareness of health issues and the content transfats and sugars have attracted increasing levels of attention, some school boards have been eliminating some unhealthy influence, such as carbonated  drinks from their premises and fast food companies have commitment to reducing of eliminating transfats from their menus, thus has been supported by Morgan Spurlocks 2004 documentary "Supersize Me",  which has helped to increase awareness of what is in the food we eat. However, it may be argued that when we look at the ingredients that make up the  food we are not taking this concern for health far enough, that if we are to be concerned about health and the way that different foods effect out bodies we  need to look more closely at those ingredients. Increasing numbers of foods are coming onto the market, which have been genetically modified or engineered, surely when looking at the health  risks associated with food this should also be under consideration. There are many in favour of genetically engineered food, but my argument  is that this should not be on the market or sold unless it is proven to be safe, rather than relying on an absence of proof for specific harm. If  we cannot sell drug that are not safe, with the requirement for intensive and long term tests, the same strenuous tests should be applied to food and where harm is  found the food should not be sold. Genetically modified food has been on the increase, it is a move that is beneficial to many commercial interests,; the seed growers, the  farmers and the stores are all able to cut costs in the long term with foods that have been modified to be resistant to pests and disease, to increase yields 

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