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    Government of Israel and Religion

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    In five pages this paper chronicles the historical role played by religion in the government of Israel. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    instrumental in their departure from bondage, it was the beginning of what the Jewish political culture has become today. So critical is this image to the institution of Judaism  that holy celebrations are conducted annually in honor of the newfound freedom their descendants earned those many years ago by the sweat of their brow and the blood of their  toil (Goldberg PG). After four hundred years of bondage, the subsequent centuries proved advantageous for the Israelites, who managed to conquer most of the Land of Israel and establish  themselves as farmers and craftsmen. This period was especially indicative of their cultural and social growth, in that societies were formed, people rallied behind important causes, and their political  and military abilities flourished. Whatever weakness there may have been on account of the Philistines -- an Asian Minor sea-going people who inhabited Israels Mediterranean coast -- was reckoned  with the establishment a ruler to take possession of the matter. This post, created in answer to protect the people, continue on by inheritance (History: Biblical Times). Nationalism and  emancipation continued forth into the nineteenth century The spirit of emancipation and nationalism which swept 19th century Europe also, providing for a slow but direct development between religion and government.  Conspicuously apparent to this inevitable coupling was the rise of many liberal Jewish movements that "espoused national and political ideologies" (Jewish Society in Israel). As the twentieth century  beckoned, the Zionist movement proved to be one of the primary influences behind the cohesive nature between religion and government, which ultimately transformed the idea into a way of life  - both morally and legally - giving citizenship to every Jew who wanted to settle in the country. "The attainment of political independence and the mass immigration which followed, 

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