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    Greek Shipping: Meeting and Surpassing the Competition

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    A 40 page examination of the Greek shipping industry and competitive forces, followed by a proposal for merger of the management companies of all current Greek shippers. Increasing outside competition is normal for the Greek shipping industry, but increasing regulations and environmental protections have increased costs to the point that Greek shipping is not as competitive as it once was. The paper proposes that all companies merge management function into a holding company that can then offer shares for sale to investors. The proposed structure enables current owners to retain ownership while combining forces to enable all to be more efficient and effective in competing in the growing worldwide shipping industry. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    The decade of the 1990s was an exciting one for much of the financial world, and certainly for what has become the European Union. Greece was marginal in  its ability to accede to the EU, but it managed to join long before the Euro became a true, personally-exchanged currency. Agreements within  the EU along with international trade accords have brought about the situation whereby the Greek shipping industry needs to upgrade equipment and environmental cautions. In order to accomplish those  goals, it will be necessary for the industry to take advantage of current management trends and movement of many of the worlds companies toward globalization. The purpose here is  to propose a change in the management structure of Greek shipping so that those who know business management well can attend to business matters, freeing ships captains to give their  full attention to safe and environmentally sound passage. Current Conditions The Greek shipping industry is one that evolved over two centuries as more  industrialized European nations capitalized on Greeces convenient location in Western Europes trade with the Ottoman Empire. That impetus gave the Greek shipping industry its beginning, but it later took  on a life of its own. Greece has long been a maritime nation. The industry was well established long before the current  trend of globalization was first conceived. Though organizations with international operations have existed since as long ago as the 19th century, the trend of globalization is one that is  young in comparison. As it continues, nations become ever more dependent on each other. There is debate over whether comparative and absolute advantage are waning now in their 

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