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    H.G. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights A Town, a Team, a Dream

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    A review of this book by H.G. Bissinger consists of five pages. There are no other sources cited.

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    H.G. Bissingers "Friday Night Lights : A Town, a  Team, a Dream" is an expose on team sports in America. Although the book concentrates on the scenario as it unfolds in the mid-American town of Odessa Texas, many  of the same relationships unfold in towns all across the United States. "Friday Night Lights : A Town, a Team, a Dream" is unique, however, in that it details  more than just high school football. It details the background circumstances which are related to the towns "win win" psychology. Bissinger touches on the oil boom and the  subsequent economic crisis faced by Odessas citizens and he also touches on such issues as segregation and prejudice. While these circumstances are unique to towns like Odessa, however, similar  circumstances unfold across the nation which combine to create an inflammatory non-sportsmanlike environment for a game that should be pleasurable both to play and to watch.  A number of lessons can be learned from football at Permian High School. The foremost of these is that high school football in America is the  product of a number of factors. Some of the more concerning, however, are illustrated quite objectively by Bissinger. These include the intense pressure and criticism levied by non-participants  in the game, participants such as parents and even school and town officials. These pressures are not even unique to football, however. Indeed the philosophy that winning is  everything permeates the world of sports all the way from Little League to professional team sports. The philosophy is advocated either directly or indirectly by far too great a 

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