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    HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Proposal

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    A 5 page research paper that takes the form of a hypothetical proposal for initiating an HIV/AIDS prevention program for teens, age 11-18. The parameters of the proposed educational intervention are outlined in 4 pages, with a 1 page abstract. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    Rural Community Outreach Program (FBRCOP) proposes to teach both African American and Hispanic adolescents within the target community, first of all, how to avoid HIV/AIDS infection via abstinence. This aspect  of the program will focus on teaching girls strategies for avoiding peer pressure and saying "no," and will emphasize responsibility and education with boys. However, this program will not ignore  also educating teens, particularly older teens, on the facts of safe sex and reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS through specific behaviors. Based on the "Think Smart, Act Smart" program, this  program will incorporate aspects of this approach, but tailored to meet the needs of the target community. Peer-led intervention will also play a part in the program as it progresses.  Through community input, any controversial aspects of the program will be addressed and consensus determined prior to implementation. As this suggests, the proposed program is an inclusive effort that takes  into accord community standards in determining program content. The Program With HIV/AIDS on the rise among adolescents, the need for prevention programs has become increasingly urgent. The following is  a hypothetical proposal for a Faith-based Rural Community Outreach Program (FBRCOP) that is designed to education young people, ages 11-18, in regards to the dangers of HIV/AIDS, thereby also equipping  them with the behaviors necessary for formulating good health decisions. The target audience for the program are African American girls, but also boys within this age range. The program will  teach girls how to make positive decisions and also promote and teach responsibility to males, age 11-18, within the Chilton County area. Local research shows that there has  been an increase in the number of adolescents engaging in premature, unprotected sexual activity. These teenagers know little about sexually transmitted diseases, in general, or HIV/AIDS in particular. This research 

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