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    This 14 page paper examines the development and strategy of the international banking organisation The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation also known as HSBC. The paper considers the strategies from a variety of perspectives, looking at the geographical approach and undertaking an in-depth SWOT analysis that includes aspects such as international corporate, HRM and marketing strategy, financing and competition. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    Sutherland in 1865 as part of a vision to fund the trade that was taking place between China, India and Europe (HSBC, 2006). In March 1865 the first branch opened  in Hong Kong and in April the same year a branch opened in Shanghai (HSBC, 20006). Thomas Sutherland was working for the Peninsular and Oriental Navigation Company and it  was as a result of an opportunity that he noticed with the demand for local banking facilities that motivated him to start the bank (HSBC, 2006). We can argue that  it has been the seizing of opportunities since that day that has resulted in HSBC being in the worlds top ten businesses when measured with sales and assets (Forbes, 2006).  To appreciate how the company has reached this position with more than 9,500 offices in 76 countries (HSBC, 2006) we need to look at the background to the company, its  growth and how it has managed to position itself and compete in a harsh and fiercely competitive industry. From the early days the financing of trade was a core operation  of the business, the main focus of the business remained the core strategies despite growth with international offices being opened. These were in Europe and North American in the latter  half of the nineteenth century, the emphasis of the offices was on supporting and financing trade with the Asia Pacific region (HSBC, 2006). The company managed to gain  a first move advantages in many areas where it was the first modern style bank to open, such as Japan where a branch was opened in 1866, and Thailand where  the branch opened in 1888 (HSBC, 2006). It Thailand it was HSBC that introduced the first bank notes (HSBC, 2006). At this stage the core operations were based 

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