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    As a child, although he was sickly, Irving was also mischievous and longing for adventure. He studied law and accepted a position as a clerk. He also traveled extensively in  his youth. He collaborated with his brother William and another man, James K. Paulding, and created a semi-monthly publication that was a refreshing change from the somber and grim approach  of other publications, due to the fact that Irving used considerable satire when reporting on the news of the day. Similarly, the same stylistic features won Irving critical praise both  in the US and abroad ("Washington Irving"). The Sketch Book, which is the work in which Irvings short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," first appeared was, likewise, "wildly successful"  both with American readers and in Europe, where Irving was received considerable attention due to his "humorous and witty style" of writing ("Washington Irving"). Hawthornes background and writing style  Nathaniel Hawthorne, born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts, was part of the generation influenced by Irving. Like Irving, Hawthornes stories will sometimes delve into the "mysterious and disturbing" ("Nathaniel Hawthorne").  As this suggests, Hawthornes writing style is darker and more foreboding than that of Irving. He was never interested in the traditional professions and began writing fiction while he was  attending Bowdoin College. While some of his work was published, this did not provide him with enough income to live on and he earned extra income through working at the  Salem Custom-House, which is a setting that figures into his writing ("Nathaniel Hawthorne"). Hawthornes family tree indicates that his ancestors were some of the first Puritan colonists to settle  in New England and Hawthorne was not only influenced by his Puritan heritage but also had "lingering guilt" over the fact that his great grandfather officiated over the notorious Salem 

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