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    Historical Connections Between Puritanism and Calvinism

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    In a paper consisting of eight pages the historical linkage between the Puritans and the Scottish connection with John Calvin are examined especially in terms of how this extended into the Americas in terms of influence and religious approaches. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to the "New World" have been dubbed "Puritans". The history of the Puritans, however, is considerably more extensive than that that unfolded in the "New World". Indeed, the  Puritans are integrally connected to Scotland and a man known as John Calvin. Puritans were followers of Calvins radical new approach to religion (Readers Companion to American History, 1991).  The reverberations of that approach would reach far beyond Scotland and into the Americas as well as the rest of the world. Not only would it shape  the actions of the Puritans themselves, it would determine the way they would interact with others throughout history. Prior to the 1500s most  of northern Europe had been characterized by the Roman Catholic religion. This religion was rejected by many during this time period, however, as people chose Protestantism over Catholicism.  As a result Europe was not loner unified to the degree that had existed for almost one-thousand years. While Martin Luther would inadvertently launch the Protestant Reformation, Calvin would  have the greatest long-lasting impact in regard to changes in European social thought and attitude and indeed in English speaking peoples the world over.  Emphasizing the omnipotence and strength of God and contrasting it with the weakness of men, Calvin set out to reform the Church. Calvinistic belief was a  belief in predestiny, that man could not strive to be saved as this had already been decided at the beginning of time. God, according to Calvinistic though, had already  determined who would be saved and who would not. According to Calvinistic belief, mans role on earth was to face one 

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