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    History of Irish Immigration

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    This paper examines Irish immigrants in an historical overview consisting of 5 pages which includes such topics as its successful integration into American society. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    other countries, but who have maintained their national identity despite having migrated to many other countries in the world including the USA. Originally an agricultural nation, the Irish were subjected  from the sixteenth century onwards to colonization by the English; tracts of Irish land were handed out to the English nobility as rewards for deeds down in wartime, and as  a result Ireland was to all intents and purposes ruled from England for several centuries before the more well-publicized conflicts between the British government and Sinn Fein took place. Unlike  Scotland, which was able to negotiate mutually agreeable treaties with the English government, Ireland was subjected to war, famine and colonization throughout most of its history.  There was, however, a resolute strain of nationalism within Irish culture which was not diminished by war or foreign invasion; the Irish language, for example, survived until the nineteenth  century and by the beginning of the twentieth, there was a resurgence of Irish cultural values, literature and the arts, as exemplified by such poets as W.B. Yeats. Attempts to  break away from English control of the country were unsuccessful, since British economic interests in Ireland would not be well served by home rule, and in the early twentieth century  the nationalist movement Sinn Fein was formed, in an attempt to establish once and for all a separate Irish parliament, with its own statutes, laws and military capacity, which would  not be subordinate to English rule. The machinations of factions within the English government, however, meant that Irish independence was not achieved despite the establishment of the Dail Eireann and  the election of Irish government officials. The partition of the country into Eire and the Six Counties caused internal dissent within Sinn Fein, and resulted in civil 

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