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    How Power Windows Work

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    This 8 page paper begins with the introduction of power windows in automobiles. It then goes on to explain how power windows work, including an extra explanation of small motors and relay switches. Advanced features of power windows are identified as well as possible future developments. The essay includes a brief discussion of the danger of power windows to young children. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    in our autos and trucks. In fact, there is at least one model wherein the user can open the car windows when he or she inserts the key in the  door lock (Nice, 2003). The first power windows were introduced on the General Motors "Y-Job" in 1938 (Saunders, 2002). That prototype had a number of "firsts" - the first  convertible top that was electronic, the first running board that was concealed and the first power windows (Saunders, 2002). The car was only a prototype and after being displayed across  the country, the company retired the car to its warehouse (Saunders, 2002). It would not be seen again until 1964, again for only exhibit but this time, that model was  given an honor - it was selected as one of the top 20 milepost cars in the country (Saunders, 2002). In 1946, the first power windows were offered to the  public (Auto Trivia, 2002). The lifting mechanism is the device that is the base for power windows (Nice, 2003). This is the device that lifts the window and keeps  it level (Nice, 2003). It is powered by a small electric motor that is located in the door panel (Nice, 2003). Nice explains it this way: "a small electric motor  is attached to a worm gear and several other spur gears to create a large gear reduction, giving it enough torque to lift the window" (2003). In another article,  Nice explains that gears "provide a gear reduction in motorized equipment. This is key because, often, a small motor spinning very fast can provide enough power for a device, but  not enough torque" (2003). Gears also adjust the rotation direction, basically making certain the device is going in the correct direction (Nice, 2003). In the case of power windows, the 

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