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    Hugo Chavez's 1994 to 2002 Rise and Fall

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    In twelve pages this paper charts the bumpy political course of Hugo Chavez in an overview of the many controversies along the way. Thirteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to ensure the equality and prosperity for all Venezuelans; this has led to a military coup supported by the United States. The interesting and tumultuous years of his reign  are covered in this paper, which includes information on Venezuela and OPEC as well as other controversies that surrounded Chavez. That Chavez has resigned his post according to some  publications is also included herein. ABOUT VENEZUELA Venezuela has the "triple characteristic of being and Andean, Caribbean and Amazonic country"1. This excellent geographical location has helped to convince  more than twenty multinational corporations to make Venezuela the central headquarters of their operations in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. Since January 1990, foreign investment has been allowed  in all sectors of the business community except those of communications and professions that are regulated by special laws. To this end, the government has adapted a set of  "interacting policies"2 that are intended to "stimulate and ensure competition"3 in a free market. Among these policies are such things as the repeal of trade barriers. This was  done in order to promote foreign competition. Hugo Chavez however has implemented a friendship with Cuba that the United States is finding difficult to accept. His friendship with  Fidel Castro further widens the rift between Venezuela and the United States. The trade and tariff reform is a comprehensive one that includes a set of "arrangements and procedures to  replace the former ones regulating exports and imports"4. Venezuela is a country rich with natural resources, and is a prime market for those companies that supply and service the oil,  gas, mining and related industries. With the government making long range efforts to diversify its economy as well as to greatly improve the standards of living, Venezuela is also 

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