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    A 3 page paper which presents a brief proposal for human cloning. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    is something that is only concentrated on reproducing the exact replica of another human being. People do not necessarily stop and consider that part of human cloning involves the cloning  of organs that can potentially save an individuals life. Bearing that in mind one can ask wouldnt we like to have the option of cloning our own heart, or the  organ of a loved one, in order to sustain the quality and quantity of life? A Compelling Topic This is such a morally and personally ethical topic that it  becomes an incredibly compelling one. Because we, as human beings, inherently want to survive, and to remain in good health, we are torn between letting nature takes its course and  actively engaging in the path of nature, especially since we have the growing knowledge of science to make such things possible. In essence, if we are capable of cloning organs  doesnt that mean that we can, in all moral and ethical conscience, be able to do so? This is a very compelling reality that makes us think, and think hard,  about whether or not we should engage in human cloning on any level. This is because once we take that step, that step that allows us to clone human parts,  it will naturally not be long before we actively clone people as complete entities. Knowledge The practice of human cloning in regards to organ cloning, is an  activity, or endeavor, that has been under way for several years. It is, of course, not perfected at this point, but the technology and research are incredibly focused on working  towards a goal that can help save the lives of people. This pertains very intimately with the need of organs in our country, and in the world. "The demand 

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