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    This 5-page paper discusses the iPad, marketing and SWOT analysis. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    iPhone (or to others who remember the last time Apple tried a portable system during the early 1990s), the product nonetheless has generated the interest and criticism one would expect  from an Apple launch these days. But what, exactly, is the iPad? Cutting through all of the hype, the iPad is basically  a tablet PC, though a cool-looking one. But the tablet PC isnt a new concept - as Yogasingam (2010) points out, Apples strength isnt necessarily new inventions as much as  it focuses on making already existing things better. What well do in this paper is attempt to analyze the iPads marketing strategies, and from those strategies, determine whether it has  a viable product life or not. SWOT Analysis Strengths Apple brand name. Apple Inc. is enviable in that it has a  great brand reputation that it can leverage across product lines. Anything with the Apple name and logo, whether it be a laptop, a digital music device or a smart phone,  is bound to be cool, easy to use and fun to have. This brand reputation has ensured Apples strength in a marketplace that is crowded and ever-changing.  Design. The iPad has a competitive advantage in that it accesses all of the great applications that have made the iPhone so successful. The  iPad models use existing Apple services such as iTunes music and app stores, and also has access to iBookstore, which is featuring books from both major and independent publishers (Taylor,  2010). Product designs are also hard to replicate, again, providing Apple with a competitive advantage. Weaknesses Price. Apple has used its 

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