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    Implementation of SDAIE Strategies

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    This 5 page paper looks at SDAIE (Specially-Designed Academic-Instruction in English) techniques. Methodology and specific suggestions are included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. SA126Eng.rtf Specially-Designed Academic-Instruction in English or SDAIE classes are those which contain Limited  English Proficiency (LEP) students, and taught by teachers who use special techniques and strategies (Gulack & Silverstein, 2001). They are designed to assist LEP students in language-acquisition as well as  subject-matter content (2001). This is important as the curriculum allows students to learn language while also learning other subjects. In this way, those who have trouble with English are not  held back. The task to educate those who need to both learn English and other subjects at the same time can be daunting. In order to understand the purpose of  SDAIE, one has to understand the challenges of educating LEP students. After LEP students enter United States schools, for example, they will ordinarily come across unfamiliar elements (Gulack & Silverstein,  2001). SDAIE, or sheltered classes, offer LEP students protection from the barrage of concepts, contexts, and language, and this gives them the opportunity to progress academically as they try  to also become proficient in English (2001). SDAIE methodology actually draws on ELD/ESL concepts and emphasizes the idea of comprehensible input (Gulack &  Silverstein, 2001). In other words, concepts must be understood by the learner, and this is usually accomplished through the use of real objects and materials or manipulatives such as drawings  or brainstorming techniques, visuals, graphic organizers and planned opportunities for interaction (2001). Different versions of SDAIE exist as with any methodology. Purists  do not believe that SDAIE should start until ESL students can at least handle basic grade level English, which usually occurs during the third grade ("SDAIE to you," 1996). Others 

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