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    Implementing Information Systems in a Business; A Case Study

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    This 8 page paper considers how an information system should be implemented within an organisation. The paper links theory with application by using an original case study to demonstrate a failed and a successful implementation of IT. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    efficiency. The aim and goal of change is usually the need or desire to increase value added by an organisation. One tool that is commonly seen as holding this potential  is a new information system. Information systems have the facility to hold and analyse a great deal of information, to make retrieval of information more speedy and add value to  the data which is held among other benefits. However, the introduction of an information system into an organisation may be one of the most traumatic and difficult changes that will  be encountered. For the project to be successful and create value there are various critical factors. In looking at a company where there have been two attempts at introducing an  information system, one of which was a failure and one of which was a success the current theory on organisation also change may be applied to the situation giving a  practical demonstration of the way the introduction of information systems should and should not be introduced. The basis of any theory indicates that there are several factors which need  to be satisfied before any change is even considered. These will include the need for support from the top management and understanding that however good a system is and whatever  the benefits it will give the employees, either directly or indirectly there will be some level of resistance (Dervitsiotis, 1998, Lewin, 1951). Therefore, the resistance needs to be managed and  controlled to facilitate a successful implementation (Mintzberg et al, 1998). Once a system is in place the way in which it performs may also be a key factors, user friendly  system that are reliable and deliver what they promise are more readily accepted that systems that suffer failures or are difficult to use. The key to overcoming resistance can be 

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