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    Improving the Interaction Between Marketing and Sales and the Application in the Case of Fair Trade Chocolate; A Research Proposal

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    This 16 page paper is a proposal for a project to examine the interaction between marketing and sales and determine ways of using marketing to increase sales. The proposal focuses on a product that is under performing, but meets customer needs and has potential sources of competitive advantage; fair trade chocolate, to use as a research subject for the practical application of theory and research. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    FAIR TRADE? 6 2.2 THE WAY FIRMS COMPETE 8 2.3 THE CO-OP FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE 11 2.3.1 The Supplier 12 2.3.2 Manufacture and Distribution 12 2.4 THE PURCHASE DECISION 13 3. METHODOLOGY 15 3.1 METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH 15 3.2 DATA COLLECTION 16 4. SCHEDULE 17 REFERENCES 18  1. Introduction There is little doubt in any of the literature that there is a link between marketing and sales; of there were no link firms would  not spend millions of pounds on marketing. A key area of consideration is how to increase the interaction of sales and marketing so that marketing will have a greater impact  on sales and likewise sales reinforce the marketing. The theoretical approach reflect current marketing theory, but the real issue for many firms is hw this can be seen and  result in enhance sales with practical application. Many goods would benefit from increased sales, fair trade chocolate is one, the sales appear to be under performing when  the characteristics and the fit in the market place is considered. This makes an excellent case to consider the interaction between sales and marketing so that application in the real  world rather than just a theoretical approach can be considered. The product is one that appears to be in demand; there has  been increasing awareness of fair trade issues; many firms have been able to develop a competitive advantage using their fair trade or ethical credentials, firms such as the Body Shop  have established themselves on this ethical platform using the ethics of the sales platform to market the goods, and the marketing to support sales. Other firms have started to adopt  fair trade practices, even if only for a few of their items; as seen with the recent announcement of Starbucks to use Rainforest Alliance certified suppliers for some of the 

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