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    Increasing Motivation in English Lesson Classes in High Schools: A Research Proposal

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    This 20 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal on methods for increasing motivation in English language lesson classes in high schools. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    the ability to motivate English language learners. The purpose of this study is to consider the nature of English lesson classes and English language teaching (ELT) in high schools  and develop a plan for implementing educational motivation strategies. This study integrates a view of a variety of different assessments of motivation in the educational setting, through the application  of a qualitative analytical approach. This study also assesses the findings in the current literature as they relate to the evaluation of motivational strategies for English language instruction at  the high school level. The following research questions will be assessed in this research study: 1. What is the background of educational motivation? 2.  What are the current techniques being employed in ELT instruction? 3. What are the benefits of applying motivational strategies in the high school environment? 4.  Can specific outcomes be determined from the use of motivational strategies in English language learning? This study will integrate both primary and secondary source information in answering these  research questions. The hypothesis for this research study is: motivational strategies are beneficial in supporting English language learning in the high school level. The research design for  this study is quasi-experimental and uses questionnaires to provide the data to determine the effectiveness of motivational strategies for ELT in the high school setting. A questionnaire will be  used to determine the data required from potential subjects and their families. Because of the nature of the research study, a quantitative approach to evaluating the subject-based research  will be employed. The following procedures will be followed in the conducting of this study: 1. Student lists will be compiled with the help of 

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